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Urban Blue Cleaning Services: Marko and Sandra Draca

Marko and Sandra Draca

After being a stay at home mum for 17 years my son Marko said “Mum you can go back to work now!! I have a part time job, my own car and I’m off to Uni soon” My hubby said “about time!!”.That was in 2002 and I spent the next 6 months wondering what can I do!!

Having a bookkeeping background I had worked for 15years in Insurance coys and mining industry before getting married and having Marko.

I didn’t even know how to use a computer! So I was definitely in trouble. A quick ring around to employment agencies informed me that I had to now learn how to use a computer including excel. Having completed a few courses the thought of fronting up to “20 somethings” in an employment agency probably telling me I didn’t have any experience, the only option was to start my own business. With no money for start-up and after much thought about what am I good at, I decided to start a Domestic Cleaning business as I was always cleaning my own house and I love bookkeeping.

I had lot of help with the computing side of my business by my son Marko, who was then at Uni studying Mechanical Engineering. Now 16 years down the track we have a successful business. Even tho Marko has worked interstate and also in Africa, fifo, for the last 10yrs, he has been a great inspiration to me and often comes up with new refreshing ideas. I can happily say he is now married and working in Adelaide – thank you Santos – and still helping me.

I am Adelaide born and bred, and hubby and I have lived in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills for 30yrs, and love it.

I am passionate about my business and love talking to people about the services we provide.

By choosing Urban Blue you are not gaining a cleaner but buying back your time.

We would love to hear what you do with the extra time you now have.

Maybe it’s just spending more time remembering how to breathe and relax! Or coffee with friends, or just admiring your sparkling clean house.

Let us know.