How To Start Your Own Internet Business

1st Nov 2013

A couple of months ago I went to a course called “how to start you own internet business” not because I want to do this but I did want to know how to get more traffic to my existing Urban Blue website. They were probably the best 2 Saturday mornings I have spent for some time. I learnt so much about Business in general, including I should write a Blog!! Ok I didn’t even know what a blog was. Being a Baby Boomer (just)

I was definitely born in the wrong era, or wrong century. Also having almost failed English essay writing at school – maths was my thing – the thought of having to write anything longer than a couple of sentences is just daunting!!!

Who thought up that word “blog” anyway? Did they just throw up all the letters of the alphabet into the air and pick the first 4 letters to land on the table?

I googled “cleaning blog” and wow, were they exciting to read. Not really, altho informative. But who reads this stuff. I’m sure people who have Cleaners don’t read it – they don’t need to know the latest greatest cleaning product and how to use it.

The Cleaners are way too busy cleaning and probably too tired after cleaning all day to be bothered reading a cleaning blog. And besides, cleaners already know how to clean.

Another thing I learnt at my course was that Google needs to like me – or my website – Wow what power they have!. Everyone wants to be no. 1 on the first page not no. 1 on page 1,000. But to get there, that’s the google secret – an analytical code , written by a Google person that makes the decision . I did learn how to get some Google love, I must have good content on my website and to constantly be seen or noticed by google that I am making interesting changes on my website! Wow this is so much more complicated than I thought. Gone are the days of just setting up a website and leaving it sit on the net hoping bucket loads of clients will contact me.

So, we at Urban Blue have a new beaut website with the help of Melinda of Web Care – Yes Melinda was the lecturer of the course I attended. And no, I don’t receive any kind of discount for mentioning her business name!. Our new website is the result of many hours and discussions between my son and I as to how to make an interesting and exciting cleaning website. We hope you are as excited about it as we are!! Please let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

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